La revista Music & Medicine publica una reseña de «Cerebro y música, una pareja saludable»

A finales del mes de Julio se publicó el número 3 (volumen 8) de la revista «Music and Medicine, an interdisciplinay journal«. El índice de los interesantes temas que contiene, entre los que se incluye una reseña de «Cerebro y música, una pareja saludable», es el siguiente:


Tides of Change in Administration Affect Management but not the Desire to Care, Joanne V. Loewy, Ralph Spintge, 81-83

Full Length Articles

Feasibility Study of a Music Therapy Intervention for Patients Breast Cancer Survivors with Cognitive Dysfunction: The MusIC Study, Kathy J Helzlsouer, Kelly Phair, Shannon Manocheh, Stephen Holmes, 84-90

The Role of Culture in Music and Medicine: Considerations to Enhance Health, Sue Baines, 91-95

Mars Rising: Music Therapy and the Increasing Presence of Fathers in the NICU, John F. Mondanaro, Mark Ettenberger, Laurie Park, 96-107

Expression of Emotions in Carnatic Vocal Music, Nandhu Radhakrishnan, Savithri S.R., Rammohan Gangisetty, 108-111

Addressing Community Concerns through Music, Penny A Brill, Emily Menhorn, 112-117

The Effects of Music Therapy on the Prosocial Behaviors of Adults with Disabilities, Haley Rochelle Baumgarten, Barbara L Wheeler, 118-127

Optimizing music in complex rehabilitation and continuing care: A Community Site Facility Study (Part 2 of 3), Michelle Nelson, Bev Foster, Sarah Pearson, Aimee Berends, Jennifer Ridgway, Renee Lyons, Lee Bartel, 128-136

Book Review, ‘Cerebro y música, una pareja saludable’ by Jordi A. Jauset, from Oscar Bedford, 137-138

Reflection, Violins of Hope, Marjorie Lee Jacobs, 139



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